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The most important thing for you, as a buyer or seller of real estate, to know is that no question is too small or too simple. We know that your transaction is a very big deal, no matter what the purchase price. All of your questions are important to us and deserve our respect and our patience.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we frequently represent the same clients in multiple transactions over the years. We have grown by virtue of client referrals. The highest compliment we can receive is when a client refers us to their family and friends. We appreciate the trust of our past clients and never take it lightly.

It has been said that going through a real estate transaction can be the third most stressful life experience that you will ever handle just slightly less stressful than the death of a family member and a divorce. Therefore, choosing which lawyer to handle your closing with the requisite patience and sensitivity will be very important in reducing your stress.

We suggest that that you ask others about us. Our long standing reputation in the community precedes us, so we encourage you to inquire about us and learn about the pride we take in our work.