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Steve Butcher Sr, has been a licensed attorney since 1981. He has concentrated his practice in the area of commercial and residential real estate law since 1982.

Since the inception of his solo practice in 1982, Steve has represented thousands of buyers and sellers of real estate in the Rochester area. He did this by revolutionizing the attorney's fee schedule for house closings. At a time when it was not unusual for an attorney to charge up to 1% for his representation of a real estate client, Steve advertised a flat fee in 1982 of $195.00!

The keys to the continued success of his practice are the fast, efficient and courteous real estate closings that have kept the clients coming back. And the prices are still low! (Fee Structure)

Steve's paralegals are experienced and thoroughly trained in the real estate area. Steve is fond of saying "Everyone here eats sleeps and breathes real estate".